About Siberian Cats

More fully know as Siberian Forest Cats, these beautiful cats originated in Russia where the breed developed to survive the harsh Russian climate. Many theories exist regarding the early history of the Siberian cat –  the following articles on PawPeds may give you some insight into the mystery of the breed.


A medium to large breed of semi-long hair cat. They have a rounded body, head, ears and eyes. A Siberian should be a cat of great strength and muscle.


Most are extremely friendly and get along with their own kind and other animals but they are not happy being left on their own! Very inquisitive and playful, some enjoy playing ``fetch`` and many love playing in water. Originating from forest cats they are capable of leaping great heights and distances. They quickly learn their names and will follow you around like a puppy. They miss you when you're away and will greet you when you come home wiggling their tails with excitement. Being less vocal than most breeds they are ideal indoor pets. They chirrup rather than meow.


Siberians come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The blue eyed, colour pointed variety is called the Neva Masquerade.

Allergy sufferers

It is believed the Siberian cat has hypoallergenic qualities. There is some scientific evidence to support this relating to the protein, Fel d 1, found in the saliva and sebacious glands of all cats and is the cause of allergies. The Siberian breed has substantially lower levels of this protein.


Siberians have a unique triple coat. The fluffy down keeps them extra warm in the winter, the actual fur (awn hair) which is thick and dense, then the guard hairs which are longer, have a special waterproofing quality and help prevent matting.

Allergy Sittings

We are able to offer controlled sit-in sessions for allergy sufferers to find out if a Siberian might just be the cat for you. The session lasts up to 2 hours and costs £125.00 which is payable in advance. If you subsequently buy a kitten from us £100.00 forms part of your kitten deposit.

A Warning

Siberians are addictive! If you are considering a Siberian as a member of your family be warned, if you have one, you will almost certainly have to have another.

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